ski boot image BDo you have blown zippers or seams on your nordic ski boots? We can probably help you out with that. We are the authorized repair facility for Salomon North America’s nordic ski boot repairs.

If your boots are no longer covered under the Salomon warranty, you can send them directly to us for repairs at your expense, using our Mail Order form.

If they are still under warranty, please contact your local Salomon Dealer or Salomon Customer Service to make a warranty claim.

We do not use “water-tight” zippers found on some ski boots.  They fail much more quickly than a standard YKK coil zipper.


Zipper Slider Replacement- Only possible on zippers that are sewn into the boot.  All zipper teeth must be in perfect condition. $20.00 per boot
1/2 Zipper Replacement- Only possible on zippers that are sewn into the boot.  Zipper teeth must be in perfect condition on 1/2 of the zipper. $28.00 per boot
Full Zipper Replacement- We use YKK or Salomon, non-watertight zippers.  Please note that if you have a zipper that is glued/bonded into the boot, we will be replacing it with a sewn-in zipper, not glued/bonded zippers. $35-$40 per boot
Stitching on blown seam or heel loop (Fabric can not be torn)
$12.00 min.

Nordic and Telemark Boot Resoles

We are no longer offering resoling of classic leather backcountry touring and telemark ski boots.  We can repair broken hardware, stitch-up many loose seams, or clean, condition, and waterproof your XC ski boots.

We do not resole Plastic Tele Boots.  Contact the boot manufacturer to see if they resole, or work with a resoler that does handle plastic ski boots.