Mountain Soles has been offering installation of  patches for Ski Patrol and Search & Rescue groups on jackets, packs, and other equipment for many years.  Pricing is for installation and seam taping only, and does not include the patches.  You need to provide the patches provided by your Ski Patrol organization. Pricing below is a general guide and can vary  based on the construction of the item to which the patches are to be installed.

Ski Patrol Patch Pricing

Jackets                          Unlined Jkt       Lined Jkt

Large Cross                        $35                   $50

Name Patch                       $18*                 $20*

Sm. Chest Shield              $18*                 $20*

Flag or Small Cross         $18*                 $20*

Backpacks/ Hip Packs   taped seams      not taped

Small Cross                          $20*                 $15*

Name Patch                         $20*                 $15*

Prices for Ski Patrol Patches include seam taping (when possible).  If a customer does not want seam tape, prices do not change.

*Pockets on chest and shoulders can get in the way and can make installation difficult.  These difficulties may make it so that we are not be able to seam-tape stitching.