A few things to know:

Beginning November 27, 2012 Mountain Soles customers are no longer able to drop repairs directly at our shop. We have moved our operations to a non-retail location. We continue to pick-up and drop-off repairs every Monday at several locations listed below. You can also ship your item to us as a Mail Order CustomerOur Milwaukie address is a shipping address only. Please do not attempt to drop items at that address.

Regardless of how you get your items to us, they MUST be clean, otherwise we will likely send them back and ask you to clean them first.

Portland area drop- off locations:

Repairs dropped at the 2 REI locations below are charged $2.00 per item to cover our pick-up/ delivery costs.  Both the Pearl and Tigard REI stores are also adding an additional $1.99 handling fee to cover their staff time and processing expenses.  Expect to pay $3.99 per item to drop items at these two REI stores.

REI Pearl District
1405 NW Johnson St.
Portland, OR

REI Tigard
7410 SW Bridgeport Rd.
Tigard, OR

Patagonia Portland*

Portland, OR

*Only Patagonia items can be dropped at this location.

*The store listed below ships all repairs to Mountain Soles. You may have to pay REI for associated shipping costs.

REI Hillsboro
2235NW Allie Ave.
Hillsboro, OR