DSCF0381Mountain Soles can repair loose or blown stitching, replace broken hardware or zippers, and replace velcro on many kinds of footwear.  We’ve worked on everything from boots that have summited Everest to running shoes that have raced across African deserts.

Stitching & Hardwear Repairs:

Replacing webbing lace loops: $12 and up.

Hook and Eyelet Replacement: $12 and up/ $25 and up on waterproof breathable footwear (GoreTex).

Zipper repairs start at $20 and full replacement starts at $35 per boot.

We can also patch torn fabric or leather. Starts at $15 per tear.

Clean, condition, waterproofing starts at $12 per pair.

Chaco Sandal Repairs:

Replace main adjustment buckle, $15 each

Shorten Main Strap for folks with skinny/low volume feet, $18 pair


Resoling Footwear:

As of 11/26/2012 we are no longer offering resoling services on any boots, rock climbing shoes, or Birkenstocks.

For resoling, please see the following links:

The Gear Fix–  These are the folks who bought our shoe repair equipment when we stopped resoling in Nov. 2012.  We’ve been hearing good things about their climbing shoe resoles.

Check out 99boulders.com for a list of climbing shoe resolers across the US.

We have also discontinued our orthopedic build up service. For Orthopedic build-up services contact: Crary Shoes