Gaskets Replaced by Mtn. Soles
Neck- Latex $65.00
Neck- Neoprene Fabric (not 100% water tight)
Wrist (each) $35.00
Wrist (pair) $65.00
Ankle (each) $35.00
Ankle (pair) $65.00
Latex Booties/Socks (installed only as a pair) sizes S, M, L, XL $70.00
Waterproof Breathable Fabric Booties/ Socks (installed only as a pair) As of Jan. 2010 we are out of stock on all sizes of breathable booties and unlikely to get more in. $130.00
*Repair of rips & tears- cost varies depending on damage. $20.00 min
*Please note- we do not test dry suits for leaks (such as pin holes). For these kinds of problems we suggest that you send your suit back to the manufacturer and have them test it. We do not work on diving suits.