10/20/17 - Atlas snowshoe bindings are NOW IN STOCK!! Thank you for your patience!

Mountain Soles offers factory authorized repairs on Atlas brand snowshoes. We use the same parts and equipment to repair your snowshoes that Atlas uses to build their snowshoes. We have been trained by their staff to ensure repairs are done to their standards.

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE & WATCH THE VIDEO ON THE RIGHT, then follow our Mail Order Instructions .

Sending us your Snowshoes: Send us both of your snowshoes if you have a broken binding or crampon. We may have to replace both so that they match.

Once we have received your snowshoes we will assess them and follow the directions you have given us on your Snowshoe Mail Order Form. Please mark the damaged area(s) clearly with tape or some other marking so that we can easily see the problem area(s). Once the repairs are completed we will charge your credit card for the repairs, plus return shipping and send them back to you.


Hiking/Mountaineering Bindings and Crampons Replaced-$75 per pair (includes a new pair of bindings and crampons). This is the most common Atlas repair we see. For 2017-18 we are installing the Atlas Pack Flat bindings which you can see on this Atlas snowshoe. Currently in stock.

Fitness/Running Bindings and Crampons Replaced- $75 per pair (includes a new pair of bindings and crampons). Currently in stock.

Race/Titanium Bindings and Crampons Replaced- $75 per pair (includes a new pair of bindings and crampons). Currently in stock.

Rivet/Buckle Replacement- - $12 to $30, price varies depending on the complexity of the construction.

Crampons Replaced- $25-30 each

Toe Cord Replacement- $25-40 each

Arch Strap on Electra Bindings- $18 each

Heel Straps (rubber with adjustment holes)- $15 for one, $25 per pair

Tail Joint- Hard plastic connector, $25 for one, $45 per pair

Tail Deck Wrap-Soft rubber, $30 for one, $55 per pair

Deck Wraps $14 each

Because each snowshoe repair is somewhat unique, we suggest that you choose the option on the Mail Order Form that authorizes us to proceed with repairs up to $XX.XX. Fill in the maximum dollar amount you feel comfortable with spending to repair your snowshoes.

What can be repaired
• Missing deck rivets- as long as the decking is not torn and the holes are not enlarged.

• Buckles (all newer buckles in stock, older models will have color substitution if original not in stock) – Most years.

• Heel straps- Most years.

• Binding attachment rivets- All years.

• Binding-to-frame attachment straps (known as a Toe Cord). About one in every 20 pair of snowshoes we see come in for binding replacement also need to have the Toe Cords replaced as well.

• Bindings & Crampons- If your bindings or crampons are broken it is very likely that we can replace them. Over the years Atlas has had numerous designs and most, but not all bindings/crampons are replaceable. We highly suggest that you watch our Atlas Snowshoe video (see it above) to see if your snowshoes are repairable. If you are still unclear as to whether or not we can repair your snowshoes, please email us a picture of your snowshoes so that we can see them before you ship them to us (send us a message at mountainsoles(at)gmail(dot)com)

Binding and heel strap replacement are the two most common repairs we perform. We only replace bindings in pairs (not individually) so that your bindings will match in appearance and function, and because we do not have inventory of styles from previous seasons. Replacement bindings will likely be a different color, and/or style than your existing pair. We will do our best to make your new bindings similar in style/function to your old pair but we are limited by our inventory. Please send both your snowshoes to avoid delays and extra shipping costs.

What cannot be repaired
• Decking (entire sections)- of any kind/any year; we do not stock replacement decking.

• Heel Lift Attachment Points- we do not have the parts available to replace these.

• Older style bindings for Atlas (best to send us pictures first).

• Broken/worn through frames- any model/year.

• Pop rivets that have made the attachment hole in the frame too large (normal wear and tear issue).
Can I buy just the parts and do the repairs myself?
No. We do not sell individual parts for do-it-yourself repairs. Due to variations in the Atlas product line over the years we frequently have to adjust and customize the binding/crampon configuration to fit a pair of snowshoes which is not something we can assess via email. Also, most of the rivets require specific equipment to install, which we have at our shop.
How long will it take?
Please look at the turn-around time listed on the lower left of our web site. We try to keep this up to date. We don’t do “rush” jobs. Please DO NOT call to ask what the turn around time is, or if we have received your item. Please track your package.
What about Return Shipping?
Once your repairs are finished, we will return them via US Postal Service which can take 2 to 12 business days depending on your location. Return shipping costs will be added to the cost of your repairs. If you want your item returned via UPS or FedEx, please send a prepaid UPS or Fed Ex return shipping label with your order. Shipping snowshoes can be expensive due to over-sized box charges. Try to pack your snowshoes into the smallest box possible to reduce your shipping costs. Please do not use packing peanuts!
When should I just buy new snowshoes?
When looking at the cost to repair your snowshoes, keep in mind that a new pair of Atlas snowshoes runs between $140 and $320, with an average pair around $180. That means that repairing your snowshoes, even with shipping costs added on, is usually cost effective.
Do you think your snowshoes are covered by a warranty?
If you think you have a legitimate Warranty claim, please do not contact Mountain Soles. Instead, you should contact your local Atlas dealer, or contact Atlas directly to see if your problem is covered under warranty.