PLEASE NOTE: WE PERFORM MANY MORE KINDS OF REPAIRS THAN WE DISCUSS ON THIS PAGE. We repair all kinds of outdoor clothing, from cycling jerseys and tights to the most burly waterproof mountaineering jackets and pants. We can repair tears on you favorite waterproof clothing and seal up the repaired area as good as new or replace that worn out velcro on your wrists. Below is a listing of some of the clothing repairs we can perform. If you don’t see the specific repair you are looking for, or you would like some custom work done, please contact us so we can give you an estimate. More examples of our sewing work can be seen on Flickr.

Cycling Apparel

We do a lot of repairs on cycling apparel, specifically patching crash damage on shorts, jerseys and jackets. The cost for patching lycra cycling apparel starts at around $18 and increases depending on the size and number of patches needed. Patches on shorts are usually black, and on jerseys we can try to match colors, but black is our fallback color. If you have a team kit and have damaged the graphics, we will not be able to make them look new again, but we can patch them. Please wash your items prior to sending them to us. We do not replace chamois in cycling shorts but we can restitch them if they are starting to come undone.

Showers Pass Jackets:

We've been working for years with Showers Pass on warranty and non-warranty repairs for their customers. Depending on which Showers Pass Jacket you have we have a few zipper replacement options for you. We do not use water tight zippers. They tend to fail much faster than traditional coil or molded tooth zippers made by YKK.

Option A: For $50 we will cut out old zipper and overlay new zipper onto face of jacket. We don't open any seams for this option.

Option B: For $100 to $120 (depending on construction) we will open all seams and undo seam tape to remove the old zipper. Then we sew in a new zipper with new seam tape on the inside. It will look similar to the original construction, except we don't use water resistant zippers.

Below are some examples of main zipper replacements on Showers Pass Elite jackets.

Insulated Jacket Repairs
Below are some examples of patches we've done on down and synthetic jackets as well as an example of a full zipper replacement on a Patagonia down sweater. If a full zipper replacement is needed, we tend not to open seams on insulated jackets due to cost, labor, and the mess that down can cause. We don't always have exact color matches for fabrics and we do have the ability to add more down to a baffle on a jacket as part of a patching repair.

For anything not listed below, please email us through the contact page and we'll try to give you an estimate. All prices listed here are a starting point. Many items are built differently and costs can vary from item to item.