We are currently running a 2-3 week turn around for most repairs…..

However, we will only be repairing snowshoes from Feb. 18th through March 1st due to a vacation being taken. We will not be returning calls or emails during this time.  Other items will not be worked on during this period.  In order to get items repaired before this period we need them in the shop by Feb 3rd.  

After we return from our break we will likely be running 3 weeks on most mail order and REI customer work.

Last updated 1/30/2017

Our current turn around time is in the lower left of this page.

  1. Click on one of the two Mail Order Forms listed below to open them. This will require Adobe Reader.
  2. Read and fill out the form the best you can, and print it out.
  3. Place items to be repaired with the Mail Order Form in a sturdy box.
  4. Then ship your box to Mountain Soles. You can purchase and print postage online at USPS.com.
  5. Please clearly mark your package with your return address.

We only accept repairs from customers residing in the US or US Territories.

We DO NOT accept Checks or Cash for Mail Order Repairs.

We do accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Credit/Debit Cards.

Please clean your items prior to shipping- specifically if you are sending clothing, tents, packs or sleeping bags.  At our discretion, we will return dirty items un-repaired (at your cost), or we will clean your item and assess a cleaning fee.

Patagonia Footwear Customers: Please remove the foot beds and shoe laces from shoes before shipping.  We do not have replacement foot beds or laces for any Patagonia Footwear.

How long will it take: We don’t do “rush” jobs. Please look at the turn-around time listed in side bar on the lower left of our web site.  We try to keep this up to date.  We don’t do “rush” jobs. Please DO NOT contact us to ask what the turn around time is, or if we have received your item. Please track your package so you know when it gets delivered.

What about Return Shipping: Once your repairs are finished, we will return them via US Postal Service Priority Mail or Parcel Post (for most snowshoes)You need to give us an address where you receive US Mail delivery. Return shipping costs will be added to the cost of your repairs.  Due to frequently increasing prices we have decided not to post shipping prices on our website. We currently use US Postal Priority Mail or Standard Mail (that choice is made at our discretion, in order to keep shipping costs low).  We do not purchase insurance when we send packages back.  If you would like insurance added to you package please make note of that on your Mail Order form.  If you want your item returned via UPS or FedEx, please send a prepaid UPS of Fed Ex shipping label with your order. We do not have accounts with either UPS of Fed Ex. If your item is returned to us because you did not provide us with a deliverable address that accepts US Mail, you will be required to pay to re-ship your item to you the second time.

You will need Adobe Reader to open the Mail Order Forms.